Emagine Realities is a marketing agency comprised of a group of companies, that bring you unique products and services.  We help you create dynamic spaces and places that are both compelling and EXCITING – that’s really what the “E” in Emagine Realities stands for!

The string that ties all these companies together is their unique product selections, their strong understanding of the design process and their incredible ability to take all your designs and make them real.  Our goal is to offer you realistic products using the latest materials and technology.   Also design development and engineering services are available when required and CAD drawings for approval before manufacturing upon request.

Emagine Realities was created to fulfill a growing need for a single source for unique and reliable products and services for the following markets:

  • Themed entertainment
  • Retail
  • Museum
  • Visitor Centers
  • Science Centers
  • Childrens Centers
  • Corporate
  • Casinos
  • Theatres
  • Arenas
  • Trade Shows
  • Hotel